The Presence Driven™ Network is an inter-relational network of Pastors and leaders who desire to build ministries in and through the Presence of God versus churches that cater to those who seek entertainment and convenience to reflect modern culture and lifestyles. The Presence Driven™ Network equips each member to live a Presence Driven™ Life, first, and develop a Presence Driven™ Lifestyle, which is the outward expression and intentional impact driven by God’s Presence for His Will to be done in and through the leader’s personal life and vocational pursuits. Finally, the Pastor/leader, who is led by God’s Spirit according to his/her Identity and Assignment for Kingdom expansion and advancement in the earth, can lead others to higher levels of Kingdom Influence and Effectiveness, for God’s Glory. Marketplace leaders, executives, managers, professionals, creatives, athletes, and others in the workplace learn to have intentional impact and add tangible, memorable value in the lives of others through everyday interactions, both professionally and personally. Regardless of age or season of life, each church/ministry member or participant can benefit from a Presence Driven™ Lifestyle.

The Presence Driven™ Network can also assist members throughout the ministry planning process and implementation phases because with all the duties and responsibilities weighing on the shoulders of leaders it can be a challenge to create a strategic plan for growth. Often times, because of our fast paced culture, Pastors can feel pressured to utilize the business world’s methodology for planning. We live in a time of “information overload”, so it makes sense that many Pastors attempt to solve problems by gathering intelligent people and marketplace leaders into mastermind groups to brainstorm ideas, strategies, and solutions and formulate plans. Their next step is to ask God to bless the plans that have been smartly devised by skilled professionals who offer great ideas and achievable visions.

At The Presence Driven™ Network, we propose a slightly different approach to Church Growth, which was utilized to create the world’s largest church/membership in the world. Presence Driven™ Network members coordinate, facilitate, and lead these same groups of leaders for the purpose of deepening communication with God (prayer) and developing a Presence Driven™ Lifestyle, which produces Presence Driven™ Churches and Ministries. The ideas, concepts, and strategies that are birthed, envisioned, and clarified in His Presence produce a higher perspective and understanding of His Plans. Our members discover through this process that there many great ideas available to choose from, but only God Ideas require His supernatural intervention to produce eternal results according to His perfect Will. God will bless His Plans, so by faith, members realize guaranteed success and supernatural increase according to His Will being done on earth, as it is in heaven. A Presence Driven™ Church is one where all leaders, staff, volunteers, and members, alike, are Driven by God’s Presence, every day and in every way, for His Glory.